Nancy Ferro                                                                     Artist Statement

A favorite quotation of mine is simply part of a sentence from an Isaac Bashevis Singer novel, “...the patterns of continuous creation”. Each day when making decisions I look to the past and to current situations to create the present, part of the past is included, part of it left behind. The juxtaposition of the past with the present, both visual and conceptual, these are the contrasts and intersections with which I enjoy working. The ways they affect each other, both physically and intellectually, are of importance to me. My titles are taken from words or elements within the pieces. Materials that I use may be found materials, coming from friends, collections, walks, discards, and various papers. Others are more traditional artist materials and may include paper, pencil, crayon, paint, and beeswax. I enjoy working with the interplay of a complex variety of elements and materials.